Gateway setup on Android

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use your extra Android phone as a Meazurem gateway.

This tutorial assumes that you have already downloaded the client app, and signed up for the service.

1. Adding a new gateway

Start by adding a new gateway to your account. With the client app, navigate to Account tab. Make sure you are in the Gateways section, and tap the + button from the top right corner.

Add a name for the gateway, for example “Home” or “House”.

Add a new gateway

After you save the gateway, you will be presented the registration token for it.

Take a note of the registration token

You will learn how to use the registration token to register the gateway to your account in the next steps.

2. Gateway installation

Download and install the gateway app straight from the Google Play store.

Here’s a direct link to the app

3. Registering the gateway

After downloading and installing the gateway app, launch it. You will be asked for the registration token.

Register the gateway with the registration token

Enter the token from the first step, and tap register. Your gateway will be added to your account and the app continues further.

4. Adding a sensor

To add a new sensor to your account, tap the cyan + button.

Add new sensor

Take the RuuviTag sensor and touch the back of the phone with it. This should enable the phone to detect the sensor. This method uses NFC. Some phones might not support NFC, or sometimes it works unreliable.

If you have another kind of sensor, or if the NFC doesn’t work for you, tap the Add by search. The search will listen all nearby supported sensors and list them for you. Tap the one you want to add.

Add a name for the sensor, for example “Garage” or “Backyard”. Enter also the requested upload rate in minutes.

After you tap save, the sensor is added to your account and data is being uploaded for it.

5. Checking the conditions

Go back to the client app. You should now see that the gateway is online. If the view hasn’t been updated, pull down to refresh.

Gateway status

In the Sensors tab, you should also see the values from the sensor you added.

Sensor status

That’s it. Remember to keep the gateway phone in a charger to make it work in a best possible way.

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