Getting started with Raspberry Pi

Running Meazurem Gateway on Raspberry Pi is straightforward. This guide will show you how to install and update the Gateway software on Raspberry Pi OS.


Meazurem Gateway is available for Raspberry Pi as a pre-compiled binary. The software can be installed to Raspberry Pi OS easily with the installer.

Step 1: Download the installer — login to your board and run


!! Check the correct version and link for your board from downloads !!

Step 2: Install the software — run (again with the valid filename)

sudo dpkg -i meazurem-gateway.deb

Most likely, it will complain about some unmet dependencies. It is because the package needs some other packages installed. To install these dependencies automatically, run

sudo apt install -f

That’s it. The gateway is now installed.


Updating the gateway to a newer version happens the same way as installing it: download a more recent installer version and install it. The system will take care of updating everything. The gateway configuration is not touched.

Setup & Configuration

To learn how to setup and configure Meazurem Gateway, continue to setup instructions.

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