Create an account

Creating a Meazurem account is very easy. If you need help, follow this tutorial.

If you want to log in to the service with your Google or Apple account, you don’t need to create the account using these instructions. It’s is created automatically for you.

Step 1: Get the app to your phone: downloads

Step 2: Launch the app. You should see a view similar to the one below. Tap Sign up.

Create an account

Step 3: Enter your account information. Your email and password will be the credentials for the service. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. When you are done, tap Create my account.

Sign up

Step 4: Confirm your account with the link sent to your email. Don’t reply to the email. Just tap the Confirm the account link.

You cannot log in to the service before the confirmation. Accounts that are not confirmed within 24 hours will be removed automatically. If you didn’t confirm the account on time, create a new one.

If you didn’t receive the email, please check that you entered a valid email address. Check also that you haven’t exceeded your inbox quota. Please check spam, junk, and other filtered folders too.

Confirm the account

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