Local wireless weather station with phone app

How would you benefit from having your own wireless home-based weather station?

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Published on November 13, 2018

Understand your local outdoor environment

For most of us, having our own wireless home-based weather station is very useful. Whether you have outdoor hobbies, garden, farm, or small kids for example, you’d benefit from it. Checking the current outdoor conditions with your phone helps you make better decisions.

Are you going for run or hike? Do you need to dress your kids for outdoor play? Knowing the current temperature and humidity helps you pick the correct outfit for outdoor activities.

Do you have a garden or a greenhouse? Or do you even run a farm? Making informed decisions based on real data can make the difference.

There is one major problem with commercial or government provided weather stations. They are typically located tens or even hundreds of kilometers (miles) away. They will not count for your local weather conditions.

Having your own local weather station is the solution.

Why use Meazurem as weather station?

Meazurem history data graph

Meazurem is modern wireless solution with phone apps. There’s no need to place any external displays around your house anymore. The weather conditions are right there in your pocket in your smart phone app.

Remote access

Access your data remotely. The data is securely stored in the cloud. You can access it everywhere. Smart phone with Internet connectivity is all you need.


The data from the units is uploaded to cloud up to once per minute. After the data has been uploaded, it’s available in your phone app instantly.

User defined notifications

Use Meazurem weather station to trigger alerts on customized events. Get notification to your phone, email or even SMS. Be alerted when the temperature drops below zero or it’s too hot outside, for example.

Historic data

Analyse past readings by checking the history. The historic data is available in form of graphs.

Industry approved hardware

Meazurem uses new, originally Kickstarter funded hardware called RuuviTag. RuuviTag sensor node is a high quality hardware product.


RuuviTag sensor is able to measure all sorts of conditions such as temperature, humidity and pressure with high accuracy.

  • Small The RuuviTag unit is very small. It’s possible to mount the unit even in hidden places. This way it doesn’t disturb everyday life. The enclosure is round with diameter of only 52mm (2 inches).

  • Durable The hardware is water proof with class of IP67. It’s safe to place it outside in the rain.

  • Superior connectivity RuuviTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy with world-class antenna design. The transmission distance outside might be as high as 1000m (0,6 miles). Indoors, with walls and obstacles, the range is more like 20m (65 ft). The range will depend much on the surroundings.

  • Long lasting and replaceable battery The hardware has user replaceable CR2477 battery with lifespan of years. The unit is 100% wireless with no cords.

Bonus: It’s cool

I don’t know if its just me but I think it’s just cool. I enjoy monitoring all kinds of things. Like my sauna or hot tub temperature, garage temperature and humidity, for example.

I enjoy monitoring the environment around my home with phone app.

If you are even little bit of like me, you will enjoy trying out Meazurem.

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