How do remote temperature sensors work?

This article explains what remote temperature sensors are, how they work and how you could use them.

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Published on January 20, 2019

What is a remote temperature sensor?

Let’s start by defining what remote temperature sensors are. A remote temperature sensor something that is

  • battery-powered with lifespan of years
  • wireless with no cords
  • water-resistant so that it’s safe to keep it outside
  • small so that it can be installed in a remote location

In addition to these features, it must sense the temperature and have means to share the measurement. These properties make a sensor good candidate for the purpose.

We at Meazurem use hardware called RuuviTag. RuuviTag sensor is a high quality product that has all the properties we could ask for. It can be placed in a distant location and it will share the temperature wirelessly.

Image of RuuviTag sensor

How do remote temperature sensors work?

Now that we understand what remote sensors are, let me explain how the system works. The system here is the setup that makes your sensors wireless online sensors. This way you can check the temperatures and other environmental variables online.

Each remote sensor is sensing the temperature/humidity/pressure and transmitting the data in a wireless way. This means that there has to be something that is listening the broadcasted data.

Meazurem Gateway is such a piece of software. The gateway is constantly observing the data from the remote sensors and processing it.

After the gateway has received the data, it will upload it to the cloud. Meazurem Gateway can upload data up to once per minute. This means that the information you get is always up-to-date and gives you the correct view of the situation.

The cloud functionality allows you to check the temperature, humidity and pressure remotely with your phone. The phone app reads the information from the cloud so that your phone doesn’t have to communicate with the gateway or the actual sensors.

Meazurem works also as a remote temperature logger since each data point is uploaded to the cloud. The cloud storage contains the history of your data. You can come back to the historic data and observe trends.

How Meazurem works?
Illustration of Meazurem online wireless sensor solution

Where and why to use wireless online sensors?

Temperature/humidity/pressure information that is always online has several use cases. I will give you some examples that might fit for your needs. These examples cover just a small set of use cases where you could use the online availability of sensor data.

1. Home

Monitoring home temperature has great benefits. We wrote separate article about those: 5 reasons for remote home temperature monitoring. Some other examples inside house include:

  • Temperature sensor for refrigerator allows you monitor that your food is stored in proper temperature. And also that the fridge is working properly (e.g kids have not left the door open).
  • Temperature and humidity sensor for wine cooler allows you to make sure your modern wine cellar is properly adjusted.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor installed to the attic can help you identify issues with your house.

2. Yard and Garden

Having data about the environmental conditions outside your house has great benefits. For example:

  • Temperature and humidity sensor placed in the garage can point out ventilation problems.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor in the greenhouse allows you to adjust the conditions for more optimal growing.
  • Waterproof temperature sensor in the hot tub or pool let’s you know when the water temperature is perfect.

3. Pets

They say pets are family members. Shouldn’t you make sure your loved ones are taken good care of? Here are some examples how you could improve their well-being:

  • Remote temperature monitoring pets environment during the workday to make sure everything is ok.
  • Remote temperature monitoring of RV’s and Mobile Homes let’s you feel calm when you leave your pets in the vehicle while you go get groceries.
  • Remote temperature monitoring let’s you avoid hyperthermia or even frostbite of your pets.
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